The Cure For a Troubled Heart: Living At Peace In a World In Chaos

Do you ever get overcome by worry?  Do you get anxious about the future?  Does fear creep in and overtake your thoughts?  Trust me, you are not alone.  If you are human, you have been there.  We can go from 1-100 on the anxiety meter in seconds.  The events that have taken place this far in 2020 would make the most calm person on the planet begin to worry about what’s next.  Here’s 3 Biblical Principles to cure a troubled heart.

1.  Personal Faith in Jesus brings relief from a troubled heart.

The Lords words “Do not let your hearts be troubled” could appear hypocritical if we fail to get the context.  Jesus did not condemn worry, neither does the Bible for that matter.  Feelings of distress are common to us mere mortals.  And Jesus shared that part of human nature as well. Clearly, Jesus meant, “Do not let your hearts be troubled by my going away.      Jesus then said “believe in God and in His Son.  The present tense of the verb implies continuous action.  “Keep believing”  to believe in someone is to rely on him or trust him.  In the case of God, we are encouraged to trust His ability and willingness to care for His own.

Let’s face it, when something terrible occurs in life, all humanity immediately looks heavenward and asks two questions:  “Why did God allow this to happen?  Or “Where was God?”  Both suggest the Lord was either unable or unwilling to prevent tragedy.  When pressed by worldly affliction, we naturally begin to wonder if He has abandoned us, we doubt His goodness or power.  Jesus asked for His followers trust in the midst of confusion.  

How do you respond to tragedy?  Do you ask these questions?  Or do you rest in God’s sovereign care?  Trust me, it’s easier said than done.  Jesus knows our hearts, He knows them.  He knows everything that’s in a heart of a man.  And our hearts are filled with a myriad of emotions as we watch our nation crumble.  The disciples felt like this as the saw their desires vanishing by His death and His departure, and they can’t go.  They are bewildered, gloomy, despairing, and depressed.
And everybody in Jerusalem was hailing Him as the Messiah, the Son of God, the King.  And then He just all week kept talking about death and departure, and going to the Father.  And instead of winning over the people and winning over the leaders, He just alienated the leaders.  Every hour of every day it seemed their hostility and anger and murderous intentions were elevated. 
It’s just not going the direction they wanted it to go.  Anxiety, fear, doubt overwhelms them.  The idea of Jesus leaving them was absolutely unbearable.  How could they reconcile that with their messianic expectations?  And since they’d put everything into following Him, what would happen to them? 
The attitude of the people who killed Him was going to be the same toward them.  And we know the history of if they thought that way they were right because almost all of them died as martyrs eventually.  And, again, I remind you, they had left all and they had told Him that, to follow Him, and now He seems to be leaving all of them behind in the middle of hateful enemies who after they’ve murdered Him are going to want to do nothing but murder them.  
So, you can imagine their consternation!
But Jesus says trust me, believe in God and His Son.  This all begins with a relationship.  A relationship with Jesus eases a burdened heart.  To be honest, too many of us don’t know Him well enough to really trust Him.  Jesus gives peace, not as the world, but real, deep, lasting peace.  “Do not be anxious for anything, but in all things with prayer and supplications, present your requests to God and the peace of God that transcends all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ.  That’s the peace faith in Jesus brings.  

What do you need to pray about?  Much of our lack of peace is a lack of prayer.

2.  Trusting His promise that our eternal future is secure cures a troubled heart.

Jesus reassured His disciples that His going away had nothing to do with any of their personal failures, past or future.  Let me tell you, once you are in God’s family, its forever!  His purpose for going away was to secure their eternal future.  His metaphor of home construction refers to His going to the cross on behalf of all the world in order to secure eternal life for those who believe.  He declared that His leaving was necessary and His return is assured.  Don’t worry, Jesus hasn’t forgotten us, He will return for each of us.  

When worry overtakes you, ponder the fact that Jesus only tells the truth.  Think on the fact that He is God and is preparing a place, not just any place, but one that is integrated into the Fathers.  The Creator God of the universe cares for you so, that you will live with Him forever!

3.  Certainty in the way to heaven is found in Christ alone cures a troubled heart.

Jesus reminded the disciples that they knew the way to heaven, although they undoubtedly failed to understand that heaven was His subject.  Much of what He said in the upper room was intended to become clear once the men had received the Holy Spirit.  They way Jesus would travel, however, would not be the path taken by the disciples.  Jesus would go to heaven by way of suffering:  Gethsamene, the trials. Scourging, the cross, death, burial, resurrection, and then ascension.  

Nothing brings peace to an anxious heart like knowing full well that you have peace with God and have received full forgiveness of your sins and know without a shadow of a doubt that heaven will be your eternal home.

Three things to do right now:
  • Trust Jesus for your salvation.
  • Stay off social media and take a break from the news cycle.
  • Read the Word of God.

Pastor Chris Williams
Pastor Chris is the Senior Pastor of Fellowship Church
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