Two Kinds of People: The “Why Me?” People, and The “How Me?” People, Which Are You?

As we look into Philippians, we see Paul rejoicing at the opportunities that his imprisonment has unfolded.  As it turns out, with each changing of the guard came a new mission field for sharing Christ, for telling his compelling story of salvation.  He would be able to tell a new soul about how he was once a persecutor of Christians.  How he had his eyes opened to Christ as he met Him face to face.  How he had gone from obstinate opponent to eager evangelist.  For 24 months, Paul was able to have a captive audience.  Literally a soldier was chained to him, and listened as Paul would pray, teach, dictate letters and sing.  These men would have to listen as he shared the glories of God to his friends and visitors.  
A scene that many from the outside might think was a negative, being imprisoned, chained to a guard.  An obstacle for so many, but Paul sees it as an opportunity.  And was it!  The gospel had penetrated the palace guard like an arrow through armor.  
Think of it.  None of this could have happened had Paul chosen to view this as negative.  If he would have cried and moaned and wondered, “why me.”  Instead of asking, “God why would you allow this happen to me?”  Paul asked, “God how would you choose me?”  He celebrated that the unfair circumstances that were brought about by those trying to silence him ended up turning up his volume as he preached the gospel.  Paul’s biblical perspective during imprisonment encouraged those who were still free.  If Paul could do it, they too could put up with more, suffer more, speak out more, and spread the gospel with more eagerness and excitement than they had before.  
How do you respond to tragedy?  Heartache?  Opposition?  Are you whining, “why me God?” That’s our propensity as humans.  But friends, this shines a light on our selfish, human centered worldview when we ask this question.  We make it all about us.  Instead, ask, “Lord, how would you choose me to glorify you in this manner?”  Now that is a true Gospel centered worldview response.
What Paul’s enemies had intended for harm to his ministry, had actually breathed life into the Church worldwide.  The next time you face hardship, greet it with a biblical worldview and think about the words of Joseph:
“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.”  Genesis 50:20

What kind of person will you be?  A “Why Me?”  Or a “How Me?”
Pastor Chris Williams
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