To Live is Christ: Developing a Christ Centered Worldview

More than ever before, believers must live according to a Christ centered worldview.  As I scan social media, have discussions with folks I am gaining a sense that many Christians have a mixed up view of the world.  A little American Hubris, a heap of self-centered humanism and a dash of Christianity.  We have allowed the world to creep into the Church over the decades and we are now reaping the fruit.  This blog isn’t about casting blame, it’s about fixing the problem.  Let’s begin by readjusting our lives according to the qualities that a Biblical worldview mandates.

3 Qualities a Biblical Worldview Mandates

“Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or remain absent, I will hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel; 28 in no way alarmed by your opponents—which is a sign of destruction for them, but of salvation for you, and that too, from God.”  – Philippians 1:27-2

1.  A Biblical worldview mandates that Christians stay together in one spirit and mind.  

You and I are to live in unity and harmony with one another.  What does that mean?  We must avoid back biting, gossiping, stirring up trouble, complaining, fighting, nagging, and all the other negative behaviors that break fellowship and hurt relationships.  
News flash…Tell Christian social media this please!!!!
Instead, you must make decisions based on how it will prevent these sorts of behaviors.  You are to be the vaccine to discord and the antidote to fighting.  You, Christian, promote peace and health in the Church rather than trying to tear her down and blunt her witness in the community.  

2.  A Biblical worldview mandates that Christians strive together for the faith of the gospel.

Defining Terms
“strive together:”  to struggle side by side.  

Its where we get our word athlete.  It’s a blood sweat and tears kind of term that implies courage, solidarity, and fighting to the finish.  A gospel centered worldview informs us that this is a fight between good and evil.  That there is much at stake.  A real heaven or real hell.  We must stand together on what’s most important, getting the gospel out.  Everything else falls way short of that goal.  Our primary agenda is Christ.

3.  A biblical worldview mandates Christians stand together without becoming alarmed when we face opposition.

You should never go looking for trouble, but when opponents step in our paths, we shouldn’t’ be startled.  When they get in your face, don’t’ flinch.  When they laugh at us, taunt us, make fun of us as followers of Christ to hold to a biblical worldview, we don’t’ shy away.  Friends, the world is a boat without an anchor.  Truth is not relative.  Now, the world will tell you that’s not true.  Social media will shout out in all caps you are ignorant.  You have to be careful not to get swept up into the ever growing tidal wave of a secular worldview.  It may initially sound good.  There mantra is: “But they are about love conquering all.”  That’s good right?  Listen, if this broken down, sinful, and lost world is all about it-----red flags better be jumping up and down and waving back and forth.  This world doesn’t love our Savior or desire what he desires.  If out modern relative truth believing, sinful culture is for it, more than likely it’s not godly.  The worldview that is growing in prominence today may have this banner of love conquers all, but what else?  Destruction of the biblical family, abortion, Marxism, and no absolute truth.
A gospel centered, biblical Christian worldview will be opposed.  For crying out loud, it is right now.  What do we do?

Stare them down in a Christ given, Spirit empowered, Creator God honoring joyful calm.  You, Christian respond in joy.  You respond in Christ.  Praise God we are in the USA, we have the power of the ballot box.  Use that power on election day!  But remember it with a joyful, Christ honoring calm.  You have the right to run for office, go for it, but don’t lose your Christian distinction.  We need spirit filled, Gospel Centered, thinking Christians in office.
Sadly, I’ve known too many professing believers who are scared to death every time Harvard Divinity school archeologist digs up some artifact that they say disproves the Bible.  Or they are afraid when questioned about if they really follow Jesus and believe all those fairy tales.  Friend, there is no need to be alarmed.  You view these actions, these days, these events through a biblical worldview and respond with calm confidence and disarming joy.  That’s what Paul was doing, even to the point of death if that is what happened.  By the way,  5 years after the writing of this letter he was beheaded.  Friends, hear me.  Followers of Jesus, listen.  This is the time, let’s put aside all the lesser things and stay together, strive together, and stand together, our united front will draw a clear line in the sand between the spiritual victors and the defeated foes of Christ.  Opposition-even the kind that results in persecution and suffering-reminds us, as it did for Paul, that we belong to the King and are conducting ourselves as proper citizens.
Did you notice Paul’s dilemma was resolved?  He gained complete clarity in how to move forward with joy.  At first stuck between a rock and a hard place, as soon as he was out, the rock became his foundation and the hard place his strength.  
When you can embrace joy in the midst of all circumstances-even in the midst of seemingly unsolvable dilemmas-we find ourselves lifted above the fray, gaining a new heavenly perspective for continuing our work on earth.  Are you facing a dilemma today?  There’s many out there for you and I.  For me personally, the Spirit of God has used them to work in me, helping to grow my trust, rely on Him in prayer, and be more worshipful as He led me.  Having a solid Biblical worldview like Paul makes it so much easier.  So many of us, have a mixture of worldviews.  If we are going to navigate this fallen world.  If we are going to bring Him glory.  If we ever hope to have our joy complete, we need a distinctively Gospel centered worldview.  
Here’s how.  At every decision place Christ at the center.  Make Him top priority.  It’s so easy to get stuck between this or that and forget what’s most important in life.  What is most important in life?  To live is Christ.  When you come to the grey areas of life, and there are so many.  How do you make distinctively Christian decisions.

  • Which choice is more Christ like?
  • Which choice will bring Him greater glory?

Now to answer these, you really must know His character, His ways.  If you are not a student of the word, you will never have a biblical worldview and your joy will never be complete.  You see as we ask these questions, our personal priorities, rights and privileges will diminish and Christ will be honored.
Pastor Chris Williams
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