Revving Up Prayer

In looking at the book of Daniel we’ve seen some sweeping, profound, and detailed prophecies that reveal much about history, but little about Daniel. The first part of chapter 9 provides an opportunity to look into Daniel’s private world and hear his talk with the Lord. We see Daniel’s unguarded prayer of confession and petition on behalf of the Jewish people.
Prayer and Bible study are absolutely essential to growing in our relationship with Christ.
Daniel was reading the words of Jeremiah the prophet concerning the completion of the desolations of Jerusalem. He saw that King Nebuchadnezzar would bring the Jews under Babylonian rule for 70 years as punishment. Daniel realized this captivity had begun later the same year with the siege of Jerusalem. This made him realize that the Jewish people’s period of captivity was coming to an end.
Daniel was an incredibly busy man, but he still found time to read God’s Word and pray.

How to Pray
  • Prayer takes concentration
Daniel focused his mind and energy on seeking the Lord through prayer. He didn’t permit the pressures of the day to divert his attention from the Lord.
  • Prayer takes supplication
Supplication means entreaties or pleadings. It implies the idea of a servant earnestly requesting his king to meet a specific need. Daniel implored his Heavenly Father to hear his requests and fill them according to the promises of the Bible.
  • Prayer takes fasting
In the Bible fasting was never meant to gain God’s attention or to impress Him. It’s a practical means of setting aside the time-consuming tasks of meal preparation in order to concentrate on the Lord.
  • Prayer takes humility
When an OT believer wanted to manifest a profound humbling of their soul before God in repentance and mortification on account of their sin, they would sit in sack cloth and spread ash on their head.
  • Prayer takes honesty
Daniel did not try to conceal anything from the all knowing Lord, he confessed his sin and that of his people. He called on God to give compassion and rescue them according to the promise.

          Daniel’s prayer provides a template for our own use.
  • Daniel begins and weaves his prayer with acknowledgements of God’s character
  • Daniel expresses his respect for God’s faithful and righteous dealings with His people
  • He goes on to call Him the Holy Judge, who cannot let rebellion go undisciplined
We rev up the potency of our prayers when we pray God’s promises and are for His glory.

5 Steps to Rev Up Your Prayer Life
  • Worship or praise
  • Express worth, adoration, and honor to Jesus
  • Confession
Declare openly and honestly your disobedience and claim forgiveness in Jesus’ name.
  • Thanksgiving
  • Acknowledge your gratitude to the Lord for His blessings
  • Intercession
  • Prayer on behalf of others at your church or your children
  • Petition
  • Laying your personal needs before the Lord
          I want you to take the 5X5 challenge with 5 minutes of concentrated supplication of humble and honest prayer in each of the 5 categories every day.




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