70 Weeks

This chapter looks at the most significant prophecy in Daniel, and that’s saying something.

We need a flyover of prophecy from a literal, historical, grammatical approach to the Scriptures.

The way I see it as I read the Bible in its plain sense is that the next event on the eschatological calendar is the rapture, the emergence of the antichrist, the inauguration of the 7-year tribulation or 70 weeks in Daniel, and, at the end, the Battle of Armageddon – the Second Coming.

The vision of the 70 weeks is the backbone of prophecy about Israel, Christ, and the antichrist. Fewer predictions in Scripture have been interpreted in as many ways as the 70 weeks of Daniel.
While Daniel was praying he was visited by the angel Gabriel.

The Lord revealed all of this to Daniel while he prayed. Prayer matters and there is divine power when we pray. Daniel prayed earlier in the chapter on behalf of his people and now Gabriel arrives to answer his prayer.

General Observations

The meaning of 70 weeks

  • The text says a specific period of time, 70 weeks, has been marked out by the Lord
  • We learn that this prophecy is directly related to the Jews and Jerusalem
  • The events are divided into three segments: 7 weeks, 62 weeks, and 1 week

Weeks literally means units of 7. However, the question is to what do the units of 7 refer to? Most biblical scholars would say that the 7 designates years, not days or weeks. In this case, 70 units of 7 equals 490 years. The Jews would have understood the 70 weeks to mean years. Part of why the Jews were in exile for 70 years was because they failed to observe the Sabbatical years over a 490-year period.

During this 490-year time span, 6 aims are to be accomplished by the 70 weeks.

1. Finishing the transgression v. 24
The persistence of sin needs to be dealt with, and it will be, particularly in relationship to Israel when she finally repents and acknowledges Christ as her Savior, prior to His second advent.

2. To make an end to sin v. 24b
This is to seal up disobedience with a view to punish and remove it.

3. Making atonement of inquity v. 24b
As far as Israel is concerned, the actual application of Christ’s death is associated with the Second Coming.

4. Bringing in everlasting righteousness
This will be fulfilled in the millennial kingdom.

5. To seal up the vision and prophecy
In the church age, we have no need of such ministries because we have the completed revelation of God in the Holy Scriptures.

6. Anointing of the most holy place
This may be referring to the dedication of the holy of holies in the millennial temple.

The 70 sets of 7 years are divided into three distinct periods. The first is 49 years and was marked by the issuing of a decree to restore Israel.

The section division lasted 434 years so…
69 years X 7 days in a week = 483 x 360 days=173,880.

If you take March 14, 445 BC, when the decree to rebuild Jerusalem went forth, and add to it 173, 880 days, you come to April 6, AD 32. According to Sir Robert Anderson in his chronology, it was on that day when Jesus Christ rode into the city in His triumphal entry.

After an indeterminate length of time, the third major division starts, the last 7 years. The antichrist will stop sacrifice and grain offering and will make a covenant with Israel. In the middle of the 7 years, the antichrist will break the covenant and stop temple sacrifice. As awful as this will be, it will not extend past the 7 year period specified by Daniel.

The information Gabriel revealed to Daniel is truly remarkable. Much of it has already come to pass – accurate to the last detail. This assures us that what remains to be fulfilled will be brought about according to the Lord’s perfect timetable.

Applying the 70 Weeks to today

  • The Lord deals in specifics
When Daniel made a specific request in prayer, the Lord answered with particulars. This should encourage you to make requests of the Lord as specific as possible.

  • The Lord keeps his promises
The events predicted in the 70 weeks that have occurred so far happened just as the Lord has said.
Pastor Chris Williams
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