The Empowered Life

Most of us grew up playing “Simon Says,” and the rules are very simple: do what the Simon says and don’t do what he doesn’t. We could use a bit more “Bible Says” in our Christian life. Often, each of us reads the Bible, listens to a sermon, and then goes on about our day.

Do you try to live the life the Bible prescribes but seem to fall short again and again? It’s because we can’t do it on our power, the Christian life is impossible to live under our own strength. Does your walk seem less than it should be? Do you want God to have more of you and to assist you in living for Him?

Ephesians answers these exact questions! It is about the new man in Christ. Ephesians 5:18-21 is a crucial passage to help us see that we can and do have the power to live the life Paul sets forth that will unite us as one body, in one Lord, by one faith. And the world will set up and take notice and allow us to point to Jesus!


1. The life of an empowered Christian will look different

Paul told the church at Ephesus that they were no longer pagans who could reach a new level or greater power in drunkenness, believers’ lives ought to look markedly different. You want a more meaningful life? You want to live closer to God? You must put away the way you lived before Christ because you are a new person.

2. The life of an empowered Christian is based on God’s command

Paul says to “be filled with the Spirit” but a literal rendering would be “be being kept continuously filled with the Spirit.” It’s the way of life for the Christian.

It’s not a deodorant, one spray and you are good for the rest of the day! God the Holy Spirit doesn’t work like that; it’s a moment by moment yielding of total control to the Spirit. The Spirit empowered Christian life is a life that is controlled by the Word of God because you are putting it in every day.

Is there some desire of the flesh that keeps knocking you down? Decide to walk step by step, moment by moment in the Spirit and you can overcome. You’ve got a decision to fulfill the desires of the flesh and get the consequences or yield your life to the Holy Spirit everyday.

3. The life on an empowered Christian has positive consequences

If you are filled with the Spirit, yielding your life moment by moment, all kinds of things will take place but three big ones in particular.

First, you will sing because you will have a song in your heart, regardless of circumstances. Second, you will have an attitude of gratitude. This has to do with God, we are simply thankful for Him and His goodness in our lives. Third, you will submit. Every possible relationship is made right by the filling of the Spirit.

How do you want to spend your life? In a meaningless pursuit of your desires and wants or yielding to God’s Spirit and reaping the benefits?

Will you decide today to yield to the Holy Spirit moment by moment?

Will you choose today to say no the desires of your flesh?
Pastor Chris Williams
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