Biblical Femininity

Have you noticed that womanhood, even the heart of femininity, is under attack in our culture?
I want to encourage women in the church to live out Biblical femininity as they engage with their purpose. I also want men to champion Biblical womanhood.
Women are better than men… at being a woman. And vice versa. Femininity is a gift of God just as masculinity is a gift. The LORD created us in His image both male and female.
As the church who hold and herald the Holy Scriptures, we must get this right. We must know what the Bible says and champion the truth in love.

In Genesis 1 God created man and woman in His image. Everything starts with God and without Him it all falls apart.
Women are necessary to the full revelation of God’s glory. Male and female are essential to the full revelation of God’s glory. He didn’t just create man.
When genders are blurred, less of God’s glory shows to the world. The enemy wins when we blur biblical lines.


1. Biblical Femininity is Priceless and Rare
We live in a time where worth, particularly for women, is supposedly on the outside.
In Proverbs 31 we see character and integrity. A woman of honor, integrity, and virtue is priceless and rare.
If you’re a single man, you have the two most important decisions in your life: the Lord you serve and the Lady you marry. If you’re a single girl, this is the girl you want to be.

2. Biblical Femininity Creates Trustworthy Character
Trust is so important in any relationship. You must have trust. Trust begins with good communication. Learn to communicate, do what you say you will do.

3. Biblical Femininity Makes for a Good Spouse
We are to build up and not tear down. Don’t get on to your spouse in public. The Bible says men are to love their wives and wives are to respect their husbands. The Lord created us and knows what we need. Women need love and men need your respect.

4. Biblical Femininity Produces Genuine Love of Family
In verses 13-15 we see that she gives her energies to provide for her household, her family. True biblical femininity demonstrates love for the family.

5. Biblical Femininity Produces Leaders
Biblical femininity is not weak, it’s powerful. The woman of God is a hard worker, a leader in her community, and a get-it-done sort of person.
Fellowship Church is full of capable female leaders from great teachers to organizers to leaders of leaders. Several serve on our leadership teams and church council. Some of the great leaders in the community are women.

6. Biblical Femininity Beautifies the Insides
As a woman embraces her God-given design and SHAPE, she grows more and more beautiful on the inside, and it shows on the outside. Outward beauty fades, inner beauty grows. Let Him transform you from the inside out. It begins with a relationship.
Pastor Chris Williams
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