It's Time

How do you live in a world that’s falling apart? In actuality, the world is falling into place. It’s not coming apart, it’s coming together! It’s all about perspective, we see the world through the lens of Scripture. This lens looks back at all the fulfilled prophecies and picks up on the fact that they were fulfilled literally which means those that have yet to be fulfilled will be fulfilled literally.

The question we see from the book of Esther is, does God orchestrate His sovereign plan in our lives? Some look at the injustice, the suffering, and the evil and wonder, where is God?

In the book, Haman loved attention and power, but he was also a man with great insecurities and fear. An old Jew named Mordecai simply ignores Haman or blows him off. This enrages Haman so he decides to go after the Jews in general.

Mordecai, in Esther 4:14, tells Esther that she is the queen “for such a time as this.” The same is true for us today whether we are men or women in the Kingdom of God. In all things in this life, Christ is in control. He’s in control of your house, the White House, and courthouse.


1. The Lord has a plan
Sometimes in this life we doubt and we wonder if God is going to show up. That was Esther. She only needed to be reminded that God had a plan for her.

He has a plan for you as well. He’s working out His plan in your life even if life isn’t turning out the way you had hoped.

Have you ever noticed that the Lord shows up big when we are in trouble? Moses was in trouble, Esther was in trouble, Daniel was in trouble, etc. It’s His power through our weakness.

2. Stumbling blocks and opposition will arise
There will always be stumbling blocks. In Esther’s story it’s Haman, he’s an example of the spirit of the Antichrist. These folks will come up in life and in marriage to attempt to destroy it.

You have been saved and put here in this place for such a time as this to contend for our kids, the family, the unborn, and for the truth.

3. Always be ready to contend for the faith
Mordecai told Esther that it was time to contend. If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything. The Bible says that in the last days apathy will run rampant, let that not be so among the Lord’s people.

Esther stepped out in faith, exposed Haman, and contended for the faith of her people. The strategy has been set, the battle belongs to the Lord.

4. In the end, justice will prevail
The end of the wicked is a done deal. This is the long game because, in the end, they will be judged and justice will prevail.

The church has work to do. Live to bless by living for the good of the community, the glory of Christ, and the salvation of all.
Pastor Chris Williams
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