The time is coming, and I believe is now, where we need to live as if Christ is Lord in our lives and desires. Jesus has been preparing you and I for this exact moment in time.

We need a prophetic perspective to see what’s really happening. Jesus said toward the end that the groanings of the earth will grow more severe and rapid. He said there will be an unparalleled growth of narcissism and a devaluing of human life.

In the days of Noah, there was a total disregard for life and the sexual ethic was off the rails. We are seeing a world like that of Noah’s day. Jesus also spoke of an escalation of worldwide racism, global political unrest and the rapid growth of fear and demonic activities.

Finally, He spoke of deconstruction of faith. We live in a day where it’s cool and hip to deconstruct and put the story on TikTok. I am convinced that those who deconstruct never knew the Lord, they were essentially cultural Christians or moral deists. So many of them simply want to live according to a moral or sexual ethic that doesn’t align with Jesus.

Prophecy was written not to entertain or scare, but to inform us. As we watch all these things come true before our very eyes, what do we do? We contend for the faith.

The book of Jude was written to expose false teachers and to encourage Christians to stand firm in the faith. He is writing to help us contend.

Contend is an intensification of the word Paul used when he told Timothy to fight the good fight. The word highlights how great the conflict is as we strive for the faith.

Faith is the Christian faith taught by the apostles, contained in the Scriptures, and repeated in the songs, confessions, and creeds throughout church history.

We must contend because certain ungodly people have crept into our churches, bringing with them moral depravity and doctrinal error. These folks are twisting historic Christianity to fit their desires, their ethics, and their sinful ways.


1. Because the fate of the apostate is clear
In Jude 5-7, Jude seeks to prevent further damage by giving three examples from Numbers, those in Jude’s day who didn’t think a lack of genuine faith would be punished, and fallen angels. Those who engage in such acts will be judged. Believers must strive against these false doctrines and wicked lifestyles.

2. Because apostates’ blasphemy destroys
Apostates can do great damage to new believers as well as unbelievers by their cynicism and irreverence to the Lord. The result is blaspheming spiritual things. Ultimately, Jude points out in v. 10 that they live by sight and not by faith.

3. Because the religion of apostates has nothing to offer
It’s not that this is a valid alternative, apostates have nothing to offer their followers. The word “ungodly” is repeated over and over in v. 14-15 which is reminiscent of Romans 1:18 where Paul says that the wrath of God is revealed against all ungodliness.

Jude says they are grumbling, faultfinding, lusting, boasting, and flattering which is the exact opposite of how Christians should be. The Lord will punish them one day. Jude details them to instill a sense of righteous anger in us towards their wicked deeds. However, we must be careful to not let it boil over into hostility.

How do I contend without becoming angry and hateful? Be thoroughly prepared mentally and spiritually.
Pastor Chris Williams
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