No Doubt
September 22nd, 2022
Have you ever had doubts about your faith? Doubts are something we suppress in the church because we’re afraid to express our doubts because we’re afraid of what other Christians will say if we do. If...  Read More
Facts About Heaven
September 15th, 2022
This world, in all its wonder and magnificence, always falls short, it always disappoints. You may be going along and life is going well until BAM you have a death in the family or a war breaks out. O...  Read More
September 1st, 2022
The call of disciples is to live to bless, live for His glory, and live for the salvation of all. That’s who we are at Fellowship Church.In Philippians 1:1-11, we see a letter from Paul and Timothy to...  Read More
Continual Prayer
August 25th, 2022
Worry never changes anything, but prayer can change things. We have to pray throughout the day rather than 2 minutes a day. How do we do that? There are really 2 ways to do that.The first is to sustai...  Read More
Learning to Contend
August 11th, 2022
In 2 Peter 3:3 the apostle Peter wrote that “In the last days mockers will come.” From Peter’s perspective, this statement was prophetic. Many so-called “believers” had already abandoned the faith led...  Read More
July 20th, 2022
The time is coming, and I believe is now, where we need to live as if Christ is Lord in our lives and desires. Jesus has been preparing you and I for this exact moment in time.We need a prophetic pers...  Read More

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