You're one STEP closer to discovering your God-given purpose!

Growth Steps at Fellowship Church is a guide to help you discover you were create on purpose and for a great purpose in the image of God. With four steps you will learn what membership in a spiritual family looks like, how you were uniquely designed for service, tools for spiritual growth, and how to lead others to live on purpose. No matter where you are in your spiritual walk, you have a next step. Take that step today!


In STEP ONE you will learn what it looks like to be a part of a spiritual family, specifically The Fellowship. We'll talk in depth about who we are as a church, what we believe, and what it takes to be a member of our family. Interested in church membership? 


STEP TWO is specifically designed to help you understand that you were created on purpose and for a great purpose. Have you ever wondered why you are here; for what reason God has created you? In this class we will look at how God has uniquely shaped each of us to live for His glory and fulfill our God-given design for our lives. Ready to join us in this journey?


After understanding what it looks like to be a part of a spiritual family and, how God has uniquely designed you, it's time to take STEP THREE. This class will give you the tools necessary to live out the God-given purpose for which you were created and redeemed. These 13 lessons will take a dive into the Scriptures to understand what living on purpose looks like. Do you need to the roadmap for spiritual success?


You've made it to the final stage of discovering how to live on purpose and for great purpose! STEP FOUR will equip you with the spiritual tools necessary to help lead others to find their God-given design. One of the purposes of discipleship is reproduction. We need to pour the wisdom and knowledge God has given us into others. Ready to commit to a deeper understanding of the story of God's Word and helping others discover their God-given design?

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