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As a church of all generations, we are passionate about providing our seniors with fun and engaging opportunities to have fellowship with one another, be encouraged and grow in their walk with Jesus. Our heart is to see each and everyone of these saints use their God-given SHAPE to live for the purpose for which they were created and have positive impact on those around them and the next generation. You should join us!


We get together the second Thursday of every month at Noon to laugh, be encouraged, and eat together.
Everyone is welcome and ITS FREE.


MAY 12 - Greenwood Campus
Meal - BBQ Pulled Pork
Devotional - Pastor Chris
Entertainment - Pastor Shaun and Pastor Josiah

JUNE 9 - Raymore Campus
Meal - Fish Fry
Devotional - TBD
Entertainment -  Outdoor Fellowship/Games

JULY - No Luncheon due to VBS

AUGUST 11 - Archie Campus
Meal - Burgers and Hotdogs
Devotional - TBD
Entertainment -  Musician TBD

SEPTEMBER 8 - Greenwood Campus
Meal - Taco Bar
Devotional - TBD
Entertainment -  Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

OCTOBER 13 - Raymore Campus
Meal - Lasagna
Devotional - TBD
Entertainment -  Mark Lehnhoff

NOVEMBER 10 - Archie Campus
Meal - Ham
Devotional - TBD
Entertainment -  Family Feud Fun!

DECEMBER - Raymore Campus
Adult Division Christmas Party
      More details to come.


We're going places! You should come!

Branson Day Trip

We're headed to Branson, MO to enjoy the production of Jesus at Sight and Sound Theatre. Whether this is your first time or you've seen the show before, you'll enjoy the fellowship and the awe inspiring message of the gospel brought to life. Two Days to choose from!

9:00 am – Arrive at Raymore Campus
9:30 am – Leave Raymore and head to Archie
10:00 am – Arrive at Archie to pick up Archie group
10:15 am – Leave Archie
11:30 am – Pit Stop at Collins
11:50 am – Leave Collins, head to Lamberts.
1:00 pm – Arrive at Lamberts for lunch
2:20 pm – Leave Lamberts for Branson
3:00 pm – Arrive at Sight and Sound Theater (Show begins at 3:30 pm, ends at 5:50 pm)
6:10 pm – Leave Sight & Sound Theater and head to dinner (TBD)  (Sit down or Fast Food? Fast food would be quicker)
6:50 pm – Arrive at dinner location (TBD – Cracker Barrel? Wendy’s? Culver’s? Suggestions?)
8:10 pm – Leave dinner location
9:20 pm – Pit Stop at Collins
9:40 pm – Leave Collins, head to Archie
10:50 pm – Arrive at Archie
11:00 – Leave Archie
11:30 – Arrive at Raymore to drop off.
May 10, 2022
Cost : $70 per person
Meals not included.
May 26, 2022
Cost : $70 per person
Meals not included.

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