Worship & Media

Who we are

We are so grateful that you have chosen to explore being a part of the Worship & Media Team here at Fellowship Church. Our sole purpose is to bring glory to Jesus and, lead others to do the same. This purpose causes us to often surrender our own preferences and desires to lead a multi-generational church to encounter the power of God, placing the focus on Jesus, the only one who has the power to change hearts and lives.

Serving opportunities

Worship Ministry

  • Vocal Leader – Front line vocalist, must have an authentic, engaging, and energetic presence modeling passionate worship
  • Band Member – Skilled musician able to play tightly to a click track and learn parts from sample professional recordings
  • Vocal Ensemble Member – Vocalists who demonstrate a passion for worship and want to sing
  • Choral Ensemble Member – Traditional choir providing calls to worship and other special music throughout the year

Media Ministry

  • Livestream Producer – In charge the running of the cameras and live stream switcher for the online service
  • Livestream Sound – In charge of producing a well-balanced sound from a separate mixing console for the online service
  • Sanctuary Sound – In charge of producing high quality, consistent mixes for our worship environments
  • Sanctuary Graphics – In charge of running lyrics and graphics from ProPresenter for Sunday services
  • Photographer – Takes pictures or video of service, sunday school, kids worship or special events

How do i get involved

We want to invite you to explore the process below. You can also download a copy of our worship/media handbook.

Everyone who serves at Fellowship Church must have completed our Identity Class and become an official member of Fellowship Church. This crucial step of putting on the team jersey, so to speak, lets us know that you are with us and, ensures you that we are committed to you and your family as well.

A potential volunteer can express interest by filling out the serve form. Once that interest is received, a meeting will be scheduled to share why we do what we, why we love it and, opportunities available within the ministry.

After the interest meeting, a potential volunteer will have the opportunity to shadow the position they would like to assume on a Wednesday night and Sunday morning. This will allow the person to get any idea of the commitment level and, what it’s like to serve on the team.

Once a volunteer feels comfortable moving forward, media volunteers will go through hands on training with our Media director and, worship volunteers will go through a very brief audition. Don’t let the word audition scare you off. This is only designed to assess skill level and placement.

Following the training/audition, a volunteer will be given access to Planning Center Online, our online worship planning software and will begin receive requests to serve.