God’s Plan for Pursuing Your Love

The way we do dating is a new concept. Song of Solomon teaches us the way to a holy and healthy relationship.

There’s so much shame around these topics. Without the grace of God in Christ we wonder if it can ever get better. Can we ever resolve our conflicts?

The gospel must be front and center; we must live the gospel and allow Him to work in us.

The biblical premise from Song of Solomon 2 is learning to date for the glory of Jesus and the good of my life. We must keep pursuing one another because men get lazy and women get crusty.

1. Pursuing a mate is a discernment process (2:8)
In the first week the man and woman spent time together. They saw each other’s godly character and hung out with friends; they were discerning the other person. Dating is an evaluation.

If you’re single, you need to know who you are in Christ. Don’t look for another person to complete you because they won’t. Marriage is two broken people coming together meaning it’s double brokenness.

Marriage is a partnership of a man and woman in a covenant relationship who want to help each other become what God intended.

This means we must be quick to forgive. We can’t hold grudges. We must cheer one another onto holiness.

Single guys, ask the girl out and take the initiative by making a plan and going for it. If she says no, don’t make it weird.

2. Don’t look for the sexual line, wait for the godly time (2:7)
The question is not how far we can go, it’s when do we start. God is not anti-sex, He invented it. He knows when you take part in this outside of marriage it causes brokenness and hurt. He’s leading you into something wonderful.

The proper time for any sexual activity is within the confines of covenant marriage between a man and a woman.

If you have baggage here, the Lord can and will restore. This is why the gospel is good news.

3. Enlist a community of godly people (2:15)
We are so individualized but we need others. You need others around so you keep the passions hibernating until it’s time. Married couples also need good, biblical community.

If you marry a non-believer, it will bring a world of hurt and you will be chasing different things the rest of your life.

Song of Solomon is an illustration of how God pursues us. Christ pursues His bride, pursue your bride.

Jesus is at the center of it all. Is He at the center for you?

Pastor Chris Williams
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