Making Excited Disciples

This year 6th-12th grades are invited to join us in going to Southern Baptist University for “Super Summer” Camp! Students will leave the Greenwood Campus via bus on th emorning of June 24th and return in the afternoon of June 28th. The cost of this trip is $329. Register today at fcfamily.org. Friends are welcome, So invite them to come! Contact rguenther@fcfamily.org for questions!

Equipping the next generation of Christ followers

We seek to help students know God, own their faith, and make their faith known to the world

The mission of our student ministry is to help students know God, own their faith, and make their faith known along the path of discipleship that we call Faith At Home.  The foundation of our discipleship efforts begins with small groups on Sunday mornings as well as large group environments on Wednesday nights. During this crucial time of development our students will study topics from spiritual development areas such as lordship, disciplines, character, discernment, relationships, and influence.


Middle School

Standing Firm

  1. Establish Devotional Life 
  2. Develop Bible Study Skills 
  3. Understand Identity in Christ 

Standing Together

  1. Apply Biblical Purity to Life 
  2. Serve Side-by-side 
  3. Make one-on-one disciples 
High School

Defending Your Faith

  1. Know their faith 
  2. Communicate their faith 
  3. Defend their faith 

Proclaiming Your Faith

  1. Live a daily faith 
  2. Live a mission minded faith 
  3. Live a lifelong faith 

Weekly Schedule

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