we desire to fulfill our part of the Great Commission by living for the good of the neighborhood, the glory of Christ, and the salvation of all. We want to see every believer engage with their God-given purpose so that we might see a thriving neighborhood church in every neighborhood in west central Missouri.

We are a church built on these core values:
1. Everything we do is biblically based.
2. We desire to be a church for all generations.
3. Our goal is to live for the good of the neighborhood.
4. We will be passionately focused on global missions.
5. Our propensity is to be irrationally generous.
6. We strive to be a warm and welcoming people practicing Christian hospitality.

From Pastor Chris:

Welcome to the Fellowship Church pastoral Internship. It is my privilege to share in these formative days of your ministry.

While at Fellowship Church, we desire to expose you to a thriving church with dynamic worship, excellent ministry practice, and a myriad of service opportunities that will enhance your calling and prepare you for a lifetime of effective ministry leadership and practical hands-on pastoral ministry. Our program is a wonderful complement to your college educational studies.

I want to help you see the beauty of the local church and its fruit as the Lord’s plan to reach the neighborhoods. The Lord has blessed us with many quality young men and women over the years in our program. Today, each of them is serving in an effective ministry.

As with every area of your life, I know you can be counted on to fulfill your Internship here at Fellowship Church for the good of the neighborhoods, the glory of Christ, and the salvation of all.

For His glory,
Pastor Chris Williams

The Fellowship Internship Provides You with
a Paid Internship* and Practical Ministry Experience

The Fellowship Summer Internship partners with the Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC).
You will need to meet the eligibility requirements for MBC and the dates for training and meetings.


Application/Interest Form Due – Feb 22nd
Orientation – May 21-23 (Hannibal, MO)
Super Summer – June 22-28 (Bolivar, MO)
Summer Missions Debrief – Aug 3 (Jefferson City, MO)
8 additional weeks with Fellowship Church doing local church ministry. 

*Pay is from The Fellowship as well as the Missouri Baptist Convention. 

What Our Past Interns Have Said...

“Internship was a pathway for me to develop relationships and have examples of faithful ministry. Being in an intern also allows students to apply their learning to the local church and help contour their theological categories well.”

— Dan Pearson, MBTS Graduate

“Being an intern in a healthy local church is an important part of a pastor’s ministry development. My time at FC was an opportunity to gain hands on Ministry experience that has helped shape my the way I lead ministry today.”

— Aaron Ferguson, MBTS Graduate