Fellowship Identity

You're one STEP closer to discovering your God-given purpose!

FELOWSHIP IDENTITY is a guide to help you discover you were created on purpose and for a great purpose in the image of God. With three steps you will learn what membership in a spiritual family looks like, how you were uniquely designed for service, tools for spiritual growth, and how to lead others to live on purpose. No matter where you are in your spiritual walk, you have a next step. Take that step today! 

Identity Class

Whether you are new to Fellowship Church or have been attending for a while but have yet to lock arms with us in membership, the IDENTITY CLASS is the perfect way to find out more about who we are and how to get connected to the body life of the church. Come here the story of the Fellowship, our core values and mission, what we believe are the nonnegotiables of the faith and how to join us on mission.

Identity Cohort

The IDENTITY COHORT is specifically designed to help you understand that you were created on purpose and for a great purpose. Have you ever wondered why you are here; for what reason God has created you? In this class we will look at how God has uniquely shaped each of us to live for His glory and fulfill our God-given design for our lives. Ready to join us in this journey?

Identity Conference

The IDENTITY CONFERENCE is an immersive, interactive weekend experience where we will take your beliefs, values, and how you see yourself, the real foundation to every part of your life, and assist you into becoming who Christ saved you to be. Let’s go from languishing in life, to flourishing and, let’s do it together. 

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