Fellowship Church Home School Academy

Who we are

Fellowship Homeschool Academy is a ministry of Fellowship Church. We exist to partner with parents in home educating to train up a generation of Christ followers who live for the good of the community, the glory of Christ and the salvation of all. Our goal is to provide all the best parts of a traditional school with all the best parts of homeschooling, giving each student a perfect balance of education with a strong Christian emphasis. 

2024-2025 TUITION & fees

Enrollment and Academic Fees*

$120 per student
One-time, non-refundable fee to hold your student(s) spot. This will be used to purchase teacher’s books & classroom supplies.

Monthly Tuition Fees**

1 Student $235    
2 Students $365  
3 Students $495
4 Students $625
5 Students $755

**Tuition payments are due on the 1st of the month from August-May.  Parents will receive a list of the needed books and supplies for each student and will be responsible to purchase these items.

Fellowship Church Homeschool Academy Staff

1_Bethany Lee Large

Bethany Lee

Fellowship Church Homeschool Academy Director


Laura Brockman


3_Darla Bliss Large

Darla Bliss

Pre-K Teacher

4_Deanna Rand Large

Deanna Rand

Pre-K Aide

5_Kay Jones Large

Kay Jones

Pre-K Teacher

6_Molly Carney Large

Molly Carney

Pre-K Aide

7_Sarah Hardinger Large

Sarah Hardinger

Kindergarten Teacher

8_Rachel McCommon Large

Rachel McCommon

Kindergarten Teacher

9_Jeanette Donovan Large

Jeanette Donovan

Kindergarten Teacher

10_Carly Meraz Large

Carly Meraz

Kindergarten Aide

11_Kat DeWald Large

Kat DeWald

1st Grade Teacher

12_Michaela Mick Large

Michaela Mick

1st Grade Teacher

13_Christina Ponce Large

Christina Ponce

2nd Grade Teacher

14_Melanie Hughes Large

Melanie Hughes

2nd Grade Teacher

15_Micki Wainscott Large

Micki Wainscott

3rd Grade Teacher

16_Alicia Gordon Large

Alicia Gordon

3rd Grade Teacher

17_Ashlee Smith Large

Ashlee Smith

4th Grade Teacher

18_Marla Ungeheier Large

Marla Ungeheier

4th Grade Teacher

19_Jori Noble Large

Jori Noble

5th -8th Grade Math Teacher

20_Jane Luper Large

Jane Luper

5th -8th Grade History Teacher

21_Leah Lucero Large

Leah Lucero

5th -8th Grade English Teacher

22_Heather Batzli Large

Heather Batzli

5th -8th Grade Science Teacher

23_Emily Parker Large

Emily Parker

K-3rd Art Teacher & Kindergarten Aide

24_Emily Finger Large

Emily Finger

4th-8th Art Teacher
& Teacher Aide

25_Hannah Lamb Large

Hannah Lamb

Music Teacher

26_Rachel Foster Large

Rachel Foster

PE Teacher


Dena Kuhns

Administrative Assistant

Frequently Asked questions

A. Fellowship Academy classes will take place at the Fellowship Church, Greenwood campus. Classes will meet each Monday and Wednesday from 9am-3:30pm from August through May. 

A. Our Academic Program teachers will provide solid academics and hands-on learning opportunities in the core subjects of reading/ literature/ grammar, math, science and history/geography, as well as the extra curricular classes of art, music and PE. 

A. For the 2024-2025 school year, we plan to offer Pre-K through 8th grade classes. We are considering adding more classes in the future, and we will update this page when those are offered.

A. We will be using Abeka as our core curriculum in our elementary grades (K4-6th). Abeka is a solid, high achieving curriculum that will lay an excellent foundation for our student’s academic success. Our teachers will supplement with additional materials and eliminate “busy work” to provide students a wonderful education in a fun environment.

Here are the curriculums we plan to use for our Junior High Students:
Science: Apologia
Math: TBD
History: Abeka
Writing/ Language Arts: Institute for Excellence in Writing

We will add additional subject areas/ curriculums as we grow.

A. We are currently concentrating on our academic program, since we combine it with enrichment classes. We also offer family fun days/ field trip days twice per month. All of our Fellowship families can opt to participate in these activities throughout the year. If we decide to do an enrichment/one day only program in the future, we will let you know. 

A. Our highly qualified and trusted Christian teachers will provide an excellent foundation for your student. All teachers have classroom experience and will undergo a background check. Teachers will assign work for your students to be completed on their days at home. Parents will retain the ability to determine the grades and keep the records for their child. Fellowship Academy will provide a place where each student knows they are loved and they were created on purpose and for a very important purpose.

We encourage every parent to check out the Missouri Homeschool laws. www.hslda.org/statelaws/MO


A. Parents will be able to drop their children off each Monday and Wednesday morning and pick them up at the end of the day. We gladly welcome parent volunteers for our parties, special events and activities. 

A. Chapel, Back to School / Meet your Teachers Night, Fall Party / Valentine’s Day Party, Grandparent’s Day, Christmas Celebration, Science Fair / Art Fair, Music Programs, Kindergarten Graduation, Field Trip Opportunities, Field Day, Yearbooks, Parent Support Group

We do not assign grades on papers or assignments while at FCHSA, however, we do give students and parents guidance and feedback. When you follow Homeschool law, you will have kept records of your child’s work allowing you to create grades and eventually transcripts for your child. We partner with parents to help provide school experiences and share lesson plans and resources for parents to be able to succeed in their homeschooling journey.

still Have questions?

We’d love to answer any questions you might have. Fill out the contact form below and one of our pastors will get back to you soon.


1601 West Main Street, Greenwood, MO 64034