No Doubt

Have you ever had doubts about your faith? Doubts are something we suppress in the church because we’re afraid to express our doubts because we’re afraid of what other Christians will say if we do. If you start by believing the proof of your faith is that you never experience doubt, then the moment you experience doubt your faith will fall apart.

The Latin root for doubt is dubitare which means “to hesitate or waver.” When we doubt, we are wavering on our commitment. In 2 Peter and Jude, the authors wrote to people struggling with doubt since Christ had not returned yet.

In 2 Peter 3 it’s clear that people were stirring up doubt within the assembly. Peter begins by pointing out that everything has not stayed the same and he goes back to creation to show that God created it all.

Peter asserts that everything will not stay the same because there is a day coming when the earth is going to be destroyed by fire.

Peter also shows that God works off a different timetable (2 Peter 3:8). For instance, when the Lord came to Abraham and promised him that Jesus would come through his offspring it was approximately 2096 BC. Jesus didn’t arrive until 5 BC but God still kept his promise.

God’s “delay” offers time for more people to believe (3:9). When Jesus returns the second time that means time’s up. Every day that God “delays” is an opportunity for another person to come to faith.


1. The Day of the Lord is coming
Just as Israel waited for the first coming of Jesus, so now the church waits for the second coming of Jesus. When this happens, things will be different.

2. We declare and believe Jesus will keep His promise
In John 14:3 Jesus says He will return and take us back. Do you believe Jesus’ promise to you?

Peter was full of doubts the night Jesus was on trial and ended up denying that he knew Jesus. Jude invites the church to be a place where people can express their doubt. The church should be a place where people not only declare what they believe but what they are struggling to believe. This often involves a season of wrestling with god and that’s okay, it’s normal.

Most universities today will lead students away from the faith which is why I’m grateful for Christian universities that seek to disciple.

3. Live Christ-honoring lives as you look forward to Jesus’ coming
The end of this earth and all the darkness, illness, hatred, wars, and death will lead to a new beginning for all who believe.

What will the Lord find you doing when He comes back? There’s no doubt He’s coming back so who do you need to tell?

Pastor Chris Williams
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