The call of disciples is to live to bless, live for His glory, and live for the salvation of all. That’s who we are at Fellowship Church.

In Philippians 1:1-11, we see a letter from Paul and Timothy to the church at Philippi. Paul has spent considerable time in the city as he started the church, saw Lydia saved, was arrested there, and ultimately was set free by a miraculous earthquake.

As Paul writes to the church, it’s about a decade old and, together, they are partnering in a massive gospel-proclaiming project. That project is to start neighborhood churches. The Philippians helped Paul do that because they were committed to this project and this calling.

The church at Philippi always helped Paul by funding his ministry and funding the new churches.
We want to do a 2022 version of that in Missouri. The Holy Spirit is calling Fellowship Church to the same task.


1. Jesus produced a biblical vision to inspire us
We are servants of Jesus and exist to serve Him. The moment you got saved, you were called into this gospel partnership.

We have the privilege of inviting people to meet Jesus to have their sins forgiven and to have their lives radically transformed. We call it being born again.

We want to see people changed by Jesus. We want to see people engage the Jesus quality of life. We want to see neighborhoods changed by Jesus.

This is about the collective work of the neighborhood church. Jesus started the work of our neighborhood churches and He will bring it to its completion. You and I are called to join Him in this incredible work.

2. Jesus gives us a family to encourage us and to live on purpose with
Over the years, we’ve lived life together, we’ve walked alongside each other in our best times and at our worst, we’ve been there for one another.

Fellowship Church is in this together as one church in 2 counties with many diverse members from all walks of life. The church is not an event you attend, but a family you belong to.

The Philippians were serious about funding the ministry they were doing with Paul. They were planting churches, strengthening churches, and training leaders, but they had to fund it. Every member of FC has been asked upon joining to do their part in funding the mission of God in reaching every person and neighborhood.

When you plan to give to Fellowship Church you are planning to give to Jesus and His kingdom. When you do, you are part of making sure we have all we need to accomplish everything the Lord has called us to do at this time.

3. Jesus gives us the resources to accomplish the mission and see the vision realized
I’m looking ahead and I see our church reclaiming many more churches for His glory. In the decade ahead we could replant 20 more churches.

Here’s what Fellowship Church must do in the days and years ahead:

  • Scale up recruitment of new leaders. We need a pipeline of leaders, church replanters, and worship leaders.
  • We need to invest in our newest campus: Archie.
  • We need to continue to rethink church by having one staff serve multiple congregations.
  • We need to get creative about how we use space.
  • We need to be ready for more Sunday School hours and classes
  • We want every campus to have a language service
  • We want to use our buildings every day of the week
  • We need to invest in our building with updates.

There is plenty to do and all of it has to be funded. If we’re going to accomplish the mission, we need God’s resources.

We have to get on our faces because without the hand of God, the fire of God, and the Spirit of God we are nothing.

Pastor Chris Williams
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